Why 3 ventures?

I have 3 main sources of income in my life, this is how my wife and I have paid off $183,000 in debt since the beginning of 2014.

Some people might wonder if three businesses might be too much, so let me explain how it all developed and how it tends to work together.

Balloon Distractions was my first venture. I started it here in Tampa in the fall of 2003, it expanded into multiple regions soon after and actually peaked with 270 restaurant clients per week in 2011. BD is an ongoing source of income, we now have Regional Leaders in place around the country, the online scheduling and billing systems that we built allow me to spend 10-15 hours per week running that business. It earns a profit 7 days a week, the only 2 days we don’t fill bookings are Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

Balloon Distractions is my base income, and the source of most of my debt pay off over the last 3 years.  A few times each year I get on the road and travel to our different regions to work with our Regional Leaders.

In 2014 I became a member of Life Leadership, a direct sales business that teaches leadership, debt freedom, marriage skills, business skills, etc. My income from LIFE varies from a car payment to a mortgage payment, but there are some months when my involvement is minimal. I attend the Tuesday night meetings and the monthly seminars. LIFE is flexible like that, you can build it when you have free time.

The LIFE training set me on the debt-free path, and I’ve learned a ton from that business. There is also the benefit of all the friendships I’ve gained in that community, from Atlanta to Orlando to right here in Tampa. Randy Crain worked with me in Balloon Distractions, and now I see him all the time at LIFE events. These are lifelong friendships, and there is a non-monetary value to that!

In 2017 I actively looked for a role in solar sales and quickly met up with Steve Rutherford and his team at Tampa Bay Solar. Steve allowed me to sell solar on my schedule at my pace. He also taught me a ton about that business and continues to do so.

I’m starting to gain some competency at selling residential solar, and I’m learning about commercial solar next. My first few months in this industry have allowed me to rapidly evaporate another $5,000 in debt that would NOT have been paid off unless I had taken this step. If I can make an extra $50 or $60K this year selling solar every cent will go towards the college fund for our girls and then towards paying off my home.

My first financial priority is to help BOTH of my daughters graduate from college DEBT FREE, and then pay off my home. I’ll be 47 years old (maybe 46).

Most people have a mortgage their entire lives. Not me, thanks to the LIFE training.

BD and LIFE have given me the income and the time flexibility to really take a deep dive into the solar business. Solar has massive potential here in sunny central Florida, I’m confident that I can land a bunch of residential and commercial jobs over the next few years, and this will get me debt free that much faster.

Ben T. Alexander

May . 2017


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