A 5-6 year ROI on Commercial solar!

The picture above is the headquarters for Suncoast Federal Credit Union’s headquarters in Tampa. This was a commercial solar install completed by Tampa Bay Solar last year.

Systems like this typically pay for themselves within 5 to 6 years, and after the payback these panels will generate electricity for several decades!

Right now there is a 30% tax credit on any solar install, along with accelerated depreciation on the remaining balance.

This means that the panels on your commercial building pay you back THREE ways:

  1. Production of electricity, maybe even your entire bill.
  2. An immediate 30% tax credit THIS year.
  3. Depreciation over the next 5 years.

High quality solar panels only lose half of 1% of power production per year, this means that the panels we install today will still be at 75% production in the year 2067!

The smart folks at Suncoast FCU will pay OFF their panels around the year 2023, yet the system will generate all the electricity they need for many, many years after.

Every business in Florida uses electricity, to some degree. Any smart business owner is looking to reduce their fixed facility costs, and the long term costs of solar are MORE predictable than the future rates from the electric company.

If you own or manage a facility with a huge electric bill you know with 100% certainty that your electric bill will continue every month as long as you run that property.

Even if you install high efficiency HVAC equipment and LED lighting you will still use a specific number of kilowatt hours each month.

Solar builds more predictability into your P&L spreadsheet and insulates your business from inflation and price hikes from the local utility.

You will still be tied to the local power grid, your business will still pay a (small) monthly utility bill, but most of the power generation will come from your roof.    

If you would like to get some hard numbers on solar for YOUR business please reach out to me at 813. 391. 3895

Have a Great Day!

Ben Alexander


May . 2017

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