Hurricane Irma, Solar, etc.

This was my first hybrid car, a 2009 Prius that I bought used back in 2011…

May 2011 , car, Pigfest 060

I’m writing this on Friday September 8th as CAT 5 hurricane Irma bears down on Florida. Today I’ll be out and about putting up plywood on my buddy Craig’s house, as well as my home and my parent’s place over in Wesley Chapel. I won’t use a drop of gasoline today, even though my 2013 Chevy Volt will probably travel 20 to 25 miles.

Is Irma (and hurricane Harvey) the result of global warming? At 400 parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere the answer is probably YES. Irma is setting records… strongest hurricane EVER RECORDED in the Atlantic? Is that a random accident?

I’ve been selling solar and driving a plug-in Chevy Volt since the beginning of 2017, so I’m talking about, writing about and making a living off of green tech every single day. I was recently promoted to Director of Sales for Tampa Bay Solar, so now I’m building a sales team that will help even more Floridians add solar to their home.

There have been gas shortages across Tampa Bay since Tuesday, and some people are freaking out a bit. I put 9 gallons in my Volt on Monday… but I charge my car every night, so there are 38 (full electric) miles available every morning… I don’t NEED gas to get around.

I’ve had knuckleheads on Facebook make fun of my 38 miles of range, but 38 miles in a car beats ZERO miles of range in your gas powered vehicle if there is a long term gasoline shortage.

I can charge my Volt off solar every single day. My solar panels are RIGHT HERE, getting powered by the sun even on cloudy days (I get about half the output vs. a sunny day). I won’t be stuck, even if the local utility loses power for a MONTH.

Do I make a commission if you buy solar? Only if you do it through my company. And I don’t earn a DIME if you buy an electric vehicle… but combining rooftop solar with at least one (plug-in) electric or hybrid car gives you more pragmatic options than depending upon gasoline supplies and the local electric utility.

I hope everyone stays safe out there!

Ben Alexander

Friday, September 8th 2017




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