Wanna Buy a nationwide Balloon Company?



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When I started Balloon Distractions back in the Fall of 2003 I only had one goal: earn $1,000 per week, pay my bills, support my wife and 2 daughters.

Balloon twisting was never really my PASSION, but it was pretty easy to sell restaurants on the idea and build a team here in Tampa. From 2003 to 2011 I traveled all over the country building teams in Chicago, Charlotte, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Seattle, and all the major cities in Florida.

When I was home I could chill out, read (and write) books, and as you already know there was that Shark Tank thing…

Early in 2017 I was really bored with balloons so I teamed up with Steve Rutherford at Tampa Bay Solar and began selling solar all over this area. Steve promoted me to Sales Director, so know I have a team and we’re really putting up strong numbers.

I love solar, I love what we are doing for the environment, and I love working with Steve and his amazing install team. The money is secondary for me, and I’m now earning enough to live on about ONE THIRD of what I earn each month.

For this reason I want to clear the runways and sell Balloon Distractions out right. I would entertain any sane offer.

Balloon Distractions still does a healthy monthly volume, with long term teams in Tampa, Sarasota, Orlando, Jacksonville, Atlanta, Houston, LA and Seattle.

I will teach you how to run the business, and stay on as an unpaid advisor during the transition.

We have existing training systems for selling restaurants, building regions, training artists and running the day to day schedule and billing. It takes about 4 days to learn these systems, a few weeks to master them.

I’ve been spending about 3 hours per week running BD, since March of 2017!

I could just maintain what we have now, but as my sales team grows at Tampa Bay Solar I don’t want any “distractions” from my success in that arena.

If I focus 100% on solar I have no doubt the return will be really high.

Also, I want to master commercial solar sales…. and the commissions on that are off the chain, for sure.

If you have a real interest email me:   BenToddAlexander@MSN.com


Ben Alexander

October 2017