From knocking doors to Sales Director.

About a year ago I decided to get into the solar business.

I called a bunch of installers and none of them would talk to me, I was getting blown off. But I didn’t give up.

I bought a $3 clipboard at Walgreens and printed up a “solar info” form.

Without anyone to represent I went out and knocked doors.

I kept calling installers, I kept getting dismissed, and I kept knocking doors.

I finally got Steve Rutherford on the phone, the owner of Tampa Bay Solar. I told him that I had a clipboard full of leads “I want to meet you Steve, where are you right now?”

Steve was installing an impressive commercial array on 1810 West Kennedy. When I got there I showed him my clipboard full of leads. He probably thought I was a little nuts, but he gave me a shot.

In the next few months I doubled the sales volume at Tampa Bay Solar. Steve no longer had to run around selling all over Tampa Bay, now he could focus on the operational side of the business. He bought 2 new work trucks to handle the increased volume.

Today I’m the Sales Director for the company, training the team, designing our sales training system and teaching my team how to earn a six figure income.

I’ve personally closed over $1.4 million in deals… and I was turned away by at least 20 other solar installers.

By not taking my call those other companies made a very expensive mistake.

You can’t wait for it to come to you, sometimes you have to just get out there and make it happen. I was rejected by installers, rejected at the door, but I didn’t let that curb my determination.

The key here is that I’m still out there knocking doors, still out there making it happen.

I’ll knock 500 doors today, to fill up my Friday / Saturday schedule.

Speed of the Leader, Speed of the Team!

Ben Alexander

November 2017