An Unusual Christmas.


2017 was a huge year of transition for me.

My 20 year marriage ended. Rachel and I parted ways amicably, no lawyers were hired. We both agreed to allocate those funds to help Claire and Grace pay for college.

I’ll always love and care about Rachel, so I’m glad that we could stay friendly during this process. If she is happier not being in my life I wish her all the best, really.

The girls live with me, so I’ll see them Christmas morning, but then they will go to Rachel’s place for Christmas dinner.

I don’t have any plans for the rest of the day. I might swim laps, read, work on the yard.

My parents are up North helping my sister and her family (my sister’s husband recently had a stroke).

I was always surrounded by family, and then I got married right after college and Claire was born soon after.

I used to think being alone was tragic. It’s really not.

There have been many times when I’ve been on my own. Living in Asia back in 1995…  traveling the country building Balloon Distractions over the last 15 years… and more recently knocking on doors selling solar around Tampa Bay.

As a man of Faith I know that there will be another partner in my life eventually, but there is a process that requires discernment and patience. I know who I am much better NOW than when I was getting married at 23 years old.

It takes time to make a major life transition.

During these next few months I’m developing my sales team at Tampa Bay Solar with one goal in mind: get to $1 million per month in gross sales. This means that several reps on my team will earn in excess of 100K, and this will bless their lives.

My professional goals are in alignment with my spiritual purpose, by helping my team reach their financial goals it helps me do the same.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

-Ben Alexander

December 24rth 2017