Speed Therapy.

I’m 43 now, single for the first time since 1995.

I’m a different person than the guy who got married as a 23 year old kid. I was totally naïve about the world, but in love with a cute girl from Taiwan…   

We were married for 20 years, and we were blessed with two wonderful daughters.

The only constant in the universe is change.


For the last few years I’ve been paying down a ton of debt, buying my clothes at Walmart, and living frugally. I started my family young and my daughters are already in college, with most of their tuition is covered.

In my thirties I rode a 1978 Honda Hawk that I had restored back in my college days. My old Hawk was slow, with old brakes and failing electricals. It still kicked over, but with no signal lights it was an accident in the making. I sold my Honda on Craigslist and used the money to pay down a credit card balance.

Ever since then I missed having a motorcycle…

As the Sales Director for Tampa Bay Solar I’ve been working hard, paying down my debt and living on much less than what I earn. I used all my extra income to pay down debt, with over $200,000 paid off in the last 4 years.

But there was stuff in my house that was worn out and falling apart…. I bought new living room furniture, ordered a new roof for my house.

…….and then bought a 2014 Honda CB1000r from the local motorcycle dealer, identical to the picture above. I did not NEED a 1,000 cc motorcycle, but damn I really wanted one.

That’s it for now, I’m done spending… after the roof is done I’m getting a massive solar array on the roof and my electrical bill will go down to nothing.

THEN I’m paying off my house.

So why the motorcycle? Why not?

College tuition for both of my daughters is covered. I have no wife to answer to anymore.

I’ve got a ton of life insurance.

I can fire up my bike and go anywhere, and get there really fast.

I know, you might think its dangerous, having a really fast machine with no airbags, no seatbelts… but I’ve been riding motorcycles since 1995, so this is not my first rodeo.

This CB1000r is faster than any machine I’ve ever owned, by far. Even at 80mph it jumps ahead with a little dose of throttle. You gotta respect that level of power. I’m wearing full flak jacket, helmet, heavy pants, boots, gloves, etc.

I’ve gone fast on the highway, but I’d rather keep it under 80mph. The fun is going from zero to 80 really fast, like faster than any car on the planet….

130 mph feels like sitting in a hurricane. Yes, I did it just to try it. Sue me.

I could die on this beast. But I could also get cancer and die in a bed, or get t-boned in my Chevy Volt by a drunk driver, or get the flu and die in a hospital bed. Lotsa ways to die, lotsa ways to live.

Last Saturday night I had no date, no one to hang with, no real plans. I put on my heavy jacket and my helmet and rode up to the Brass Tap in Dade City. Quiet country roads, twisting through the night… I had a beer and a cheeseburger, there were 2 musicians playing guitar, and I just enjoyed the music. On the ride home I felt peaceful, satisfied, perfectly fine with being on my own.

I felt at peace with my current reality.

I can’t imagine that I’ll be single forever, this is a chapter in my life that might be a few years, it might be a decade… but I’m using this time to define who I want to be as a man, no longer defined by marriage.

Part of that is my passion for riding motorcycles, so I’m going to be myself, and have fun doing it!

Ben Alexander

January 2018


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