Crazy cat guy?

This is Ms. Lemons:


I’m a real badass, I own a cat.

Hemingway had cats, so did Mark Twain. I’ve had a cat or 2 most of my life. My most recent companion is Ms. Lemons. She was adopted by Grace (against my better wishes) a few weeks before Grace left for college in Pittsburgh. Grace named her, of course.

As a kitten Lemons hid all the time, ran around the house like she was being chased by a legion of demons, and jumped over my other cat Leo like an Olympic gymnast. She was only calm about 10% of the time. If I bent down to pet her she would run away at full speed and hide under the nearest furniture.

My old cat Leo had failing kidneys and passed on a few weeks ago, now it’s just me, Claire (who works so much she’s never here) and Ms. Lemons. After Grace went back to school in January my home felt very quiet.

I spend a lot of time in my home office with my feet up on my desk, normally listening to classical music… Ms. Lemons has started to jump up on my lap, and she’ll snuggle under my chin for a few minutes.

She’s really the easiest pet in the universe, just clean the litterbox and keep food in her bowl. If I had a dog I would have to walk it twice a day… sometimes I’m gone from 9AM to 9PM. I’ve owned many different pets over the years, and cats are not the cheapest, but they are pretty easy to keep day to day.

My office faces the west, so we get sun in the afternoon… Lemons has discovered the comfy green chair that sits in the sunlight half the day. She’s sleeping there now as I type this…

The one downside to owning any pet is that they tend to live about a decade, maybe a few years more. I hope Ms. Lemons sticks around, she’s grown on me a bit.

-Ben Alexander

February 2018


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