We can stop these wackos.

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Except for the Vegas shooter most of the mass shooting chaos in this country is caused by loners with dead end jobs and limited financial resources.

80% of the mass killings were carried out with legally purchased AR-15 assault rifles. These guns can be easily bought for $300 to $600, by anyone with a credit card who has not been charged with a felony yet.

We can talk about additional guards or metal detectors or other reactionary measures, but the root of this issue is the ease with which weirdos can easily buy an AR-15, along with enough ammo to take out half an elementary school.

The Parkland shooter bought an AR-15 (legally) right there in his hometown.

We can’t predict insanity, but we can make the barriers to gun ownership so high that these young men will give up, and instead of killing our children they will go home and rant on reddit.

With every gun purchase let’s require a psyche evaluation and names and numbers of 5 personal references. Let’s require a monthly liability insurance premium on every weapon sold.

These measures might have shut down the Parkland shooter.

The Republican party can change the laws, and until they do the blood of the Parkland victims is on their hands, along with victim’s blood from the NEXT mass shooting.

Enough is enough.

-Ben Alexander

813. 391. 3895




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