Ha, kids don’t scare me!


This is me and my daughter Claire, the picture was taken when she was 10 years old… she’s in her third year of college now!

I was married for 20 years, and during that time both my daughters grew up and I was able to be there for them. I ran my company out of my home, so I was there when they left for school in the morning and there when they came home. In a few weeks my girls will be 19 and 21 years old! My youngest (Grace) is away at college, and Claire is home with me, she commutes to school and also works full time.

In many ways I had it easy, my girls were smart and self disciplined, they were always pretty good at doing homework and their mother made sure they got to violin lessons every Friday night without fail. They had the usual teen drama between ages 13 to 17, but other than that I never felt overwhelmed as a parent.

I’m really proud to say that my daughters have reached adulthood and they are strong, confident young women, with a great moral compass and a strong work ethic. Both girls will finish their degree with no college debt and a decent GPA, what more can a parent ask for at this stage in the game?

I’m single now, and my role at Tampa Bay Solar gives me the time and income to do what ever I want. I just finished my 3rd book, and I’m kicking around ideas for the next one… I’m 44 and single… and as crazy as this may sound I’m open to having more kids!

Some guys shy away from dating a single Mom. Maybe they fear the commitment, or they refuse to be involved with a child that is not biologically linked to them.

Kids don’t scare me. I’ve been there and done that. Diapers, tantrums, toys everywhere… all the chaos that ensues when miniature humans are running around the house. And I kinda miss it. I loved taking the kids to see Santa, or riding the rollercoaster at Busch Gardens, or going to see the animals at the zoo.

There is a ton of work with kids; meals that need to be cooked, clothes that need washing, books to be read at bedtime… but there is also a ton of silliness and laughter and joy in having a child in your life. I think the joy makes the hard work worth it.

I might be single for the next decade, and if there’s a child in my life they’ll call me “Grandpa”, and that would be ok. We all take on different roles in different seasons of our lives… but I don’t mind being “Dad” again. I still have plenty of awful jokes to share.

Ben Alexander

December 2018



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