Solar for families of the Fallen.

front of roof

Starting in 2019 Tampa Bay Solar will donate one rooftop solar array per MONTH to a family in need.

We are looking for homeowners that have lost a breadwinner to either disability or death in service to our country. The home must have a south facing roof for the system to be the most effective.

As a veteran-owned organization we are aware of the financial struggles that a family faces when they lose a spouse or parent’s income.

The system will be a 16 panel solar array with an inverter, and this will lower the electric bill about $1,200 per year for the family in need. Since rooftop solar lasts 30 to 40 years this will have a long-term benefit for the family, and if they sell the home in the future they can also sell their home for a higher price.

Solar on a roof is the gift that keeps on giving!

If you know of a family in Tampa Bay that meets this criteria please reach out to me via the comments section of this blog,

Thanks, and Happy New Year!

Ben Alexander

Sales Director

January 2019

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