A Mission vs. a Living

May 2011 , car, Pigfest 060house with solar

For 14 years I owned a company that I was NOT passionate about, but it made me a living. It paid the bills, it got me 8 minutes of fame.

I was making a living, meh.

The day I sold that company was like a huge weight being lifted from my shoulders.

2 years ago I jumped fully into the solar biz and I found a MISSION that also helped me earn a decent living.

Every man needs a MISSION that ignites his passion and stretches him to his full talents and abilities. Solar gave me that, and now I’m building a sales team that shares my mission, my passion, and my purpose.

I feel very lucky to have aligned my income with my mission, most people are not that fortunate.

I get up six days each week excited and ready to go.

If you can find YOUR mission try to align that with your career. I tripled my income when that happened and my work became more meaningful. One of the main reasons I’ve found success is that my clients can see that passion in me, and want to do business WITH me.

This is not just another dumb sales job for me, and that makes a huge difference.

In 2019 Tampa Bay Solar is starting a program that identifies families who have lost a breadwinner due to combat (or in service as a firefighter or police officer) and we are installing one free solar array each month to help these families get rid of their energy costs.

If you know of a family that owns a home and has lost a breadwinner to death or disability please reach out to me via this blog,


Ben Alexander

January 2019



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