A good start to 2019.

On this first day of 2019 as the sun rises I’m surrounding myself with gorgeous music:

The first day of the year is a good time to reflect on the previous year, and look forward to the future.

2020 is just 52 weeks away… that date always felt like the distant future when I was growing up!

As each year passes I want to have progress in my life; better finances, more wisdom, etc.

I started 2018 by purchasing a wicked fast motorcycle, then I went out and rode the wheels off it, making my mother worried in the process. Truth is I only had one dicey moment in that entire year, on a country road on my 2nd day of ownership. I was going too fast into a curve and I hit the rear brakes too aggressively causing the rear wheel to slide at 70 mph. My guardian angel was paying attention that night, for sure.

Of course, I also drove 40,000 miles in my Chevy Volt selling solar from Citrus County all the way down to Naples. This was certainly the best sales year I’ve had in my entire career, I closed around $3 million dollars in personal solar sales.

When 2018 started I had NO sales team to speak of, now I have six guys who actually came together in December and closed $617,000 in solar deals. That was a record month for us.

My team was closing deals until 7PM New Year’s Eve!

I spent a ton of time working with my team in 2018, getting to know them, teaching them sales, running sales appointments… this was one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done professionally. Sometimes I invested in people and they did not work out, but I did my level best to bring everyone to success.

Towards the end of 2018 I taught the Debt Free class at Harvester Methodist in Land ‘O Lakes, and I also continued to pay off my mortgage.  My goal is to pay off my home THIS YEAR, so I’m keeping my lifestyle low key while I do that.

2018 was the first year I lived AN ENTIRE YEAR on less than HALF of my income, and living in this manner totally eliminated financial stress from my life. When I had a big month I merely paid off MORE of my mortgage, when I had a more modest month I didn’t worry about it at all!

The one exception to my frugal lifestyle was the purchase of my motorcycle.

In September my sciatica started acting up and I reconnected with Dr. Gary Torres, Dr. Torres does acupuncture and chiropractic. He got me walking again, and I’m determined to maintain my health BETTER in 2019.

In the least few months I started using Intermittent Fasting and doing some light YOGA !!!!!!!!!!

Yoga is truly the Fountain of Youth, there are many YouTube videos featuring 100 year old folks in good health doing yoga. Amazing stuff, between the acupuncture and yoga one of my goals is to achieve optimal health in 2019…. and not just a diet, but a better lifestyle. Sciatica sucks, so does excess body fat and stiff joints!

You have to go into 2019 with an intentional path, otherwise the year will just slide past.

My biggest professional goal (in 2019) is to help my solar team get to $1 million a month in sales. Let’s see if we can do that… we were already at 60% of that goal last month.

I hope you have a great 2019, despite politics, despite bad stuff in the news.

God Bless!

Ben Alexander

January 2019……………………………………………………………………………………………



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