A vision for a marriage.



Please share this post, if my future wife reads this because YOU shared it I’ll invite you to the wedding, but DON’T share this unless you agree with the next few paragraphs.

I believe that VISION matters. When I was 29 years old I had a vision for a national company, within 5 years that business was in 17 cities across the USA.

2 years ago I was determined to get into the solar business. Last month my solar company sold over $600,000 in residential solar installs.

The vision that I have today is for the marriage I want to have for the rest of my life. I believe that we can speak (or write) our future into existence. The reason I need your help is that the woman I’m meant to be with might not KNOW me yet, so here goes…


I’m going to be married again, to a wonderful woman that I will cherish until the day I die. I’m going to completely give her my heart, and she will know every single day how much I love her.

I’m going to hold her every night, and do small things each day to show her she is loved. We’ll be that 85 year-old couple that’s still holding hands and laughing together.  

I believe that passion can last a lifetime, if the couple is determined to keep that passion alive and burning.

From the first day we meet I’m going to have the utmost integrity and character with her, I will NEVER give her a reason to NOT trust me and she will know that my word is my bond.

I have a tremendous work ethic, and my finances are rock solid. My wife will never have to worry about the bills getting paid. Financial stress does not exist when you earn two or three times what you spend!  

I will be her rock, her center, her protector. She will feel safe with me by her side, and she’ll have my back as well, knowing that 2 people in a great marriage are much stronger when in alignment.

We’ll read and travel the world and try new things together, sharing a life of abundance and intellectual curiosity and community service. The world will be better because of the business, charity or investment that we put together and implement. We will always have an interesting project in the works, even when I’m 75 years old… it won’t get dull, that’s for sure!

I’ll grow close with her family and she’ll grow close with mine, and as we get older we’ll have some wonderful memories with the kids and grandkids and siblings and cousins and that entire crazy mix of folks we call family.

When we’ve been married 30 years people will see us together and they will know we have something really special, it will still be obvious in the way I look at her, talk to her, hold her hand….


Ok folks. That’s my vision. I probably haven’t met her YET. Maybe she is somewhere in my social network; the friend of a friend… who knows?

Thanks for sharing!

Ben Alexander


January 2019



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