Solar if you have Duke Energy

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Duke Energy is an electric utility that services 7.4 million customers from Florida to Indiana.

Tampa Bay Solar has installed many residential solar arrays in Duke’s local footprint across Tampa Bay, from up North in Citrus county and as far east as Polk County

Like most electric companies in Florida Duke is a net metering utility, which means that Duke customers can bank kilowatts with the utility and use that power at a later date. This is done via a bidirectional meter that is installed by Duke after your rooftop array has been installed and passed county inspection.

Duke charges a $9 monthly connection fee that all customers have to pay, even if 100% of your energy comes from your solar array.

The bidirectional meter is normally installed a few weeks after the solar array has passed county inspection, in some cases it has taken Duke longer than a month to install the bidirectional meter, but in 2019 they seem to have corrected this issue.

How do I know all this cool stuff?

I’m the Director of Sales at Tampa Bay Solar, and I’ve been helping homeowners in Duke’s service area go solar since early 2017.

-Ben Alexander




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