GREEN tech saved me $22,000

front of roof

I might be ahead of the times here……

There seems to be a MYTH that it costs more to have solar and drive electric vehicles. I went solar in 2017, so I looked at my costs before and after, and realized that green tech is FAR CHEAPER than the old fashioned alternatives when you look at long term costs over the next decade.

BTW, I’m a single Dad with a middle class income, living in a 1900 square foot home. I’m not a rich guy buying a $80,000 Tesla.  ANYONE could do what I did.

Before I had solar on my home  I drove an old Toyota Avalon with a V-6 engine that costs me $120 per MONTH at the gas pump. I now drive a (used) 2017 Chevy Volt that costs me $20 per MONTH to fill up! $100 per month over the next decade = $12,000 in my favor.

My Chevy Volt had 30,000 miles on it when I bought it for just under $20,000, which is very close to the purchase price of a used Toyota Avalon. Actually, if you picked up a late model Avalon for under $20,000 you got yourself a nice deal! The Volt will burn gas once the 55 mile electric charge is depleted, but many days I drive less than 55 miles.

The dead cost on my rooftop solar was $14,000 back in 2017. That system generates $200 per month in electricity at current prices. That’s $24,000 over the next ten years, minus the $14K paid for the system…. net of $10,000.

Tampa Bay Solar did the array on my roof, see the picture above. My system has pulled down over 24 megawatts since the day it was switched on.

That’s 24 MILLION watts folks!

Zillow did an in-depth study of home sales that shows solar will increase the market value of my home by 4%… but I won’t get that $$ until I sell my home.

With $12,000 in gas costs saved and the $10,000 net on my rooftop solar I’ll save $22,000 in energy costs over the next decade, even if I never move.

That’s just smart money management. It also means far less coal and gasoline burned to move my car, light up my home and keep my air conditioning going.

Anyone could do what I did. In the next few years there will be hundreds of different types of plug-in electric cars on the market, and rooftop solar is a total no brainer, as long as you live in a single family home with lotsa sun exposure on the roof.

There’s a 26% federal tax credit for all solar that is installed in 2020. It goes down to 22% in 2021, then 10% in 2022. Now is a good time to generate power off your roof.

Ben Alexander

January 2020


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