The pull of Faith and community.

I recently turned 46, and being closer to 50 makes one think about the things that really matter in one’s life. Speaking of which, here is a pic of me and my oldest daughter Claire:


I’ve been attending a local Methodist church for the last few years, and once a year I have fun teaching a Debt Free / Financial Management class. Other than that I haven’t been very involved with my Harvester Methodist community, but they have always been there for me.

They have always welcomed me back, even when I was gone for awhile.

My parents attend the same church, and my Mom encouraged me to join the choir for the upcoming Easter Cantata. This is probably part of my Mom’s masterplan in getting my sorry carcass to church more often, and she has succeeded in doing so.

As I’ve sat in choir rehearsal every Wednesday night I feel the tangible pull of Faith, and the community that rallies around that Faith. Internally I know that I need to be a kinder man, a more gentle human, a more humble business owner.

Perhaps my little community at Harvester Methodist is helping me along in this journey, encouraging me to lift my eyes and focus on a higher power…

Just in their simple example they are helping me along, and in this I’m grateful!

Ben Alexander

March 2020



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