Something to do while Covid blows over.


My daughter came home (with a cough and cold) from London on March 17th.  If she had Covid-19 I most certainly do, so I’m staying at home away from people.

I have O+ blood, so there is a chance that I might not get it at all, which would be ideal. I’m also in solar sales, and the economic uncertainty brought about by this crisis makes it harder to close deals, even if I use remote options like DocuSign.

Lotsa external crap I can’t control, so I’ve decided to get out my Fitbit and try to walk a gazillion steps each day. We all know that this damn virus is going to mess with our money and maybe even kill us, but maybe I can forge a 20,000 daily step habit that helps me get down to 170 pounds.

I’m 195 now.

Maybe something positive can come out of something truly awful.

The pic above is my count from yesterday.

Worst case scenario here would be to die, second worst is to go broke while getting fat.

Godspeed World!

Ben Alexander

March 21, 2020


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