10 Signs you’ve Fully Descended into Motorcycle Madness !!!!

  1. You have scuff marks on the top of your boot from shifting on multiple motorcycles.

2. You have multiple motorcycle jackets, hanging in your closet in order from warm weather to cold weather. You also have multiple helmets, gloves, etc…

3. You have MORE than one motorcycle registered in your name. So you go out to ride one one bike, then come home and ride the other bike even when you know your low back is gonna pay the price for all this when you finally go to bed that night…..

4. Every time you open your garage and see your motorcycle it makes you happy, even if the day is rainy or you have stuff to do and you can’t suit up and go ride today…..

5. 130mph is no longer THAT fast…. not anymore…. So when you’re out on the highway and your ZX14R has 200hp and you are already going rilly rilly fast you still have another half twist to go on the throttle… and that extra power makes you very happy, at some primitive level.

2017 ZX-14R… lotsa YouTube clips about the ZX.

6. You have actually rescued an old motorcycle from a barn, then spent most of a frigid New Jersey winter cleaning off every molecule of rust… then you rode that bike for the next 15 years.. see picture. And now you wish you had just kept the damn antique because it would still be fun to ride, even though it was heavy and slow…..

1978 Honda Hawk.. rode this dinosaur until 2015.

7. You can watch YouTube clips about motorcycles for hours, and not even realize you just wasted 4 hours. Thank you, Yammie Noob, you tricky bastard. You now use phrases like Dank Nooner, Flash your ECU or Trail Braking you know what the hell they’re talking about.

8. You like riding all bikes, even a 250cc Yamaha starter bike that you sold to your girlfriend but you like to jump on it when she’s not looking and thrash the gearbox all the way up to 58mph…. check out those bitching pipes !!!!

9. When you’re driving on the highway in your car, and a crotch rocket passes you at 140mph you still can identify the make, model and engine size of the bike.

10. You have vivid dreams about evading the cops, and when you wake up and realize that did not actually happen you get pissed off because Damn that would make for a cool story…..

Happy December !!

Ben Alexander

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