June 2021….

June of 2021… out and about selling solar, like I’ve been doing since 2017…

Tampa Bay Solar is doing 700 panels on Dunedin City Hall and 450 panels on the Porsche dealership in Clearwater… in October of 2020 we did 1200 panels on Florida Aquarium:

We’re also selling plenty of residential solar deals, but things are still a tad slower than before the pandemic.

Masks are finally going away, over 50% of Americans are vaccinated. I started going back to my little church after i got my 2nd Pfizer… just last Sunday I did “the Lord’s Prayer” as a solo. I think it went well…. who knows?

Last month Ford rolled out the new fully electric F150 and it looks amazing! As a “Solar Nerd” I’m super excited about all the new electric car offerings from all the large and well established car companies like Toyota, VW, Ford, Hyundai, GM…

I’ve sold both my motorcycles… including the 186mph “death machine” Kawasaki ZX-14R. I guess I can now freely admit that I took that machine up to 170 mph many times… it was so fast that 130 mph started to feel downright pokey!

My knee injury from the accident in January has no been mitigated by surgery… I’m back to doing stuff again, like rollerblading, building houses with Habitat… all that great stuff.

Motorcycles were a part of my life from age 21 until age 46… but I nice Sunday ride is not worth all the hassle I went through (and cost) to get my darn knee fixed!

That’s all I got for now….

Ben Alexander

June 2021