50 laps a day

18 years ago I moved to the Tampa area and bought a modest home in a subdivision with a large community pool.

Since then I’ve been swimming on a regular basis, but only a few laps each day.

A few weeks ago I cranked it up to 50 laps per day, most days, and I can see the difference in my body already.

My goal is to slim down to 170 pounds (from a flabtastic 210lbs after my knee surgery)… after a few weeks doing 50 laps a day I’m down to a more solid 195.

Probably more muscle up top, my pants are falling off my butt.

My previously persistent lower back pain is almost gone, yahtzee!

I was a little bit depressed this past Spring; from a combination of things… and the increase in daily swimming has lifted my mood, fer sure.

But there is something BIG that helped change my perspective.

As a Christian guy I highly value marriage.

If you get your act together (and you don’t have unresolved mental health issues) you can find an awesome partner and have a healthy marrige, no doubt.

My end game is real simple: I want to find a life partner, fall in love with her, and grow old with her.

Just 2 MAIN life goals really:

  1. Sell 10,000 solar arrays.
  2. Have a great marriage.

The first goal takes care of my financial needs, and also makes a huge positive impact on the environment. If your money and PURPOSE are aligned life is just plain easier. I wake up six days a week excited to be in the solar biz.

The 2nd goal is more nuanced, more subjective, harder to quantify.

I know that if I live my BEST life, if I am the best version of myself, I will attract a better woman to me.

These are the action steps I’m taking:

  1. Maintain great health with daily exercise, eating healthy, fasting occasionally, etc.
  2. Going to church on the regular, singing in the church choir, seeking peace through my relationship with God.
  3. Volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, learning how to frame up a house, sweating my guts out.
  4. Donating blood on the regular, because my O+ is compatible with 37% of the population.
  5. Really being self-aware and using meditation on a regular basis.
  6. Steadily increasing my finances while also paying off my home.
  7. Writing my 3rd book, while also reading, learning, and expanding my knowledge base.
  8. Going out on dates, in a way that reflects my integrity and character.
  9. Spending time with my family and friends.
  10. Being happy on my own, working on my book, my mission, my purpose.

Just like it takes time to grow these bananas in my backyard it takes time to GET BETTER and attract someone awesome into my life.

It takes time to find someone who fits your life, make sure they fit in yours, and fall in love with them.

MEANWHILE… I’ll swim 10,000 laps in my community pool, get in great shape, close a ton of solar deals, deepen my friendships with my social circle, go on some fun dates, sing in my church, go rollerblading, publish my 3rd book, travel with my daughters, be a good son to my parents…. and just LOVE PEOPLE.

This is a path, a continuum, and I put my HEART and my dating life in God’s hands, so I don’t have to worry about it!

I hope you have a blessed day!

Ben T. Alexander

June 23, 2021

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