If He is with me….

… then who could be against me?

Prayer was the one thing missing from my walk in Faith, and now that I’ve started to pray on a daily basis I’ve found more peace within myself, and a closer connection with my Creator.

In the last few years I’ve been alone, I’ve been in pain, I’ve cried in sorrow.

But He was there all along, waiting for a closer connection.

Waiting for me to walk in Faith.

I’m here God, do with me what you will.

If I’m to be single and do good than Your will be done.

If I’m to be married and love my wife than Your will be done.

I’m listening.

(My daughters… Grace and Claire. Being goofy.)

Morning Prayer.

I don’t have any scientific evidence that prayer works, but I’ve been praying every morning anyway.

Call me a rebel.

Praying for my daughters and my Mom and Dad, that God looks after them.

Praying for my siblings and their spouses and their children. My nieces and nephews….

Praying for my business partner and his family.

Praying for my sales team, and our admin ladies, and all our installers putting themselves at risk on a roof today.

I’m praying for my ex wife, and women that I once dated, even if they are no longer in my life I want them and their families to be well.

Being a single Mom is tough. Too many kids out there need a loving father.

This morning I began to cry as I prayed, perhaps this is God’s presence in the room with me?

God does not talk to us directly, but he sure can turn on the old waterworks sometimes…..

There are things we can’t measure with science, but I know, in my heart, that prayer is the RIGHT thing to do.

Some might say that praying and crying every morning is weird, but if this brings me closer to God I’ll keep doing it.

Prayer for others is an act of love, and LOVE is never wrong.

I’m walking in Faith here, pray for me…. I’ll pray for you.

With Love,

Ben Alexander

July 30th 2021