Just…. love people.

It was easy to love Olive. She was three when we met, I was on a date with her mom, we went to see a movie. Halfway through the movie Olive sat on my lap and fell asleep. She was comfortable with me right away….

I started to love her right then and there… how can you not?

After 2 years together her Mother broke up with me, but I still love Olive and her brothers, always will.

Maybe God put me with that family to love those kids? I don’t know. I struggle with it. I miss those kids.

I raised 2 girls and love them as well… my relationship with my daughters evolves as they have become actualized adults.

My Claire is 23 now…. I still hug her and kiss her when I see her.

In a few days I’m flying up to Pittsburgh to help my Grace buy a car… she just graduated from Carnegie Mellon and got her first full-time job.

Both my girls are fully launched into adulthood! Isn’t that our job as parents, to work our way out of the job? I’m proud of my girls.

A friend asked me if I wanted to raise little kids again, raising children takes effort, blood sweat and tears… I was designed to be a FATHER… if I fall in love with a woman who has children, this is all in God’s plan.

God has been working in my heart lately. Shifting the tectonic plates of my soul.. I have a ton of love left to give.

Love is not restricted to biological children.

God knows my heart, He knows that I have the capacity to love a woman, be a good husband, be a good father, even if the child is not my biological child.

I’m going to keep loving people, I’m going to keep praying for others, and going to keep walking in Faith, I’m going to continue to deepen my relationship with my Creator.

Praying for others… is an act of love in and of itself.

Pray for me, let me know who you are in the comments section, and I’ll pray for you in turn.

Ben Alexander

August 2021

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