Reducing $18,000 down to $5500.

I had knee surgery back in March of this year, and even after ER and the specialist went through my medical insurance I still had $18,000 in charges that were NOT covered.

Totally ridiculous.

So I sat on those bills for 4 months. This past week I got on the phone and negotiated all of them down to a total of $5500, and paid them off.

That’s just proof right there that we have a problems with medical costs in this country.

Imagine doing that with food, or real estate, or anything else we purchase as consumers.

I knew that if I let my medical debt fester for a few months the debtors would take pennies on the billed dollar, because they overinflated my charges in the first place.

I feel bad for people who get medical bills and don’t realize they can negotiate the balances.


Ben Alexander

August 15th 2021

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