Science vs. Freedom

The Left has watched for years as the Right has denied science in regards to global warming.

Your freedom to use fossil fuels is far more important that global warming, which is a leftie conspiracy to take away your V-8 diesel truck, right?

That Leftie government wants you to drive a Prius. Damn nanny state!

So when a pandemic hits and those same scientists come up with a brilliant vaccine (thank you Pfizer) we have the same ignorance on the Right telling folks to NOT get vaccinated.

Wow. At least they’re consistent in denying science… but now they’re dying in droves.

99.7% of the current Covid19 deaths are unvaccinated adults. Wonder how those folks voted in the last election?

More Democrats are hitting age 18 every single day, more older Republicans are NOT getting vaccinated and they are the same folks dying in ICU wards all over the United States.

There is NO REASON to die from Covid19 right now, especially when the vaccine is FREE anywhere in the USA.

I have some clients with family back in India, where the vaccine is NOT free or available….

If Republicans want to save their party they need to spend a couple million $$$ out of their ad budget and tell their constituents to get vaccinated.

But they will never do that, because the Right wants to stay consistent in their narrative: Freedom is more important than Science, even if Freedom kills you.

Kind of difficult to chant “USA, USA” when you’re intubated.

Or dead.

Ben Alexander

August 2021