Online dating weirdness.

I’ve been on and off Match since my divorce back in 2017.

This is from a Match profile I saw this morning:


No Non-Christians/masons.  No drama/melodrama.  No drugs/meds/alcohol/addiction/midlife crisis/emotionally disturbed/mental health issues.  No conning/lies/secrets/hidden agenda/gaslighting/mind-games/diversions/sabotage.  No self-aggrandizing/attention-seeking/superficiality/vainglory/vanity/selfies/shallow-mindedness.  No egoism/egocentrism/greed/golddigging/bankruptcies/failed business ventures/second mortgages/debt/credit issues.  No criminal/dubious/nefarious activities.  No entitlements/trust funds.  No communists/socialists/democrats/liberals.  No cats.


I love how she lists all these awful things, and then “no cats” at the very end.

Her NO list makes me wonder how many awful guys she dated!

The hard part about finding a partner at my age (47) is that everyone has been hurt, everyone has had some relationship disappointments, everyone has walls up.

I get it.

I’m still optimistic about my search, mainly because this process has taught me more patience and more discernment. Going back to church helps.

More of Him, less of Us.

I’m taking action on a daily basis to be MORE healthy, more kind, more compassionate.

I don’t pray for the perfect woman, because she does not exist. I’d rather pray for more wisdom in this process.

Meanwhile? I’m doing my 10,000 steps, going to a Men’s Leadership class at at church, selling solar and paying off my dwindling mortgage.

Traveling, sometimes alone, and seeing all the amazing National Parks around the United States.

Today I’m singing 2 hymns at a funeral…. for a woman who passed in my church community.

This is my life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Ben Alexander

September 25th. 2021

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