Did the truckers die from Covid19?

Right now across the United States there is a trucker shortage, resulting in cargo ships moored off the coast of California for 10 days or more, waiting to get into port.

I got a theory here; how many of the 700,000 folks who died from Covid19 were truckers?

Did Covid19 kill off the (older, whiter) right-leaning truckers?

White men over the age of 50, many with a weight problem and an awful diet, and they tend to be Trumpers… the type of working class / blue collar men who “ain’t gonna get that damn vaccine, no how, no way!”

I friend of mine from high school (Bob V.) is a trucker in California, he un-friended me on Facebook during the election because he’s a huge QAnon fan and we started to argue about politics online. He was also about 100 pounds overweight. I wonder if he’s OK.

I doubt Bob V. got in line to get vaccinated, ever. Bob and I sang in our high school chamber choir together, he has an amazing bass register. I hope he’s OK.

I’m no longer on Facebook, for a plethora of reasons…

I have no idea where to verify this data, but how many premature trucker deaths would cause a shortage? Short of calling trucking companies, how can this theory be verified?

Truckers can pull down $80,000 or more in annual income, or more.

Companies are paying $10,000 signing bonuses….

Higher gas PRICES also mean less profit margin for self employed truckers:

Some older truckers retired… but truckers have always been retired out.

How many truckers in their early 50’s died from Covid19 and never got a chance to retire?

This would be a good subject for a 20/20 segment. Or 60 minutes, if that still exists.

These are bizarre times we’re living through.

Ben Alexander

October 9th 2021

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