Old timey push-ups.

This is me now….

Kidding, that pic was taken when I was a 20 year old knucklehead, I used to do 500 push-ups every other day, maybe 1500 per week, most weeks.

I worked as a lifeguard at a very quiet pool, and when no one was swimming I could read novels, swim, or drop and do push-ups all day. I was also working this crazy midnight shift sorting thousands of packages 5 nights per week at the UPS facility in Lawnside, New Jersey.

Goodness knows how many calories I burned each day back then.

I used to eat like a horse, 2 footlong subs at lunch was no big deal.

To do 500 push-ups in a workout I would do 50 reps at a time, 10 sets.

Drop and do 50, OK, now do it NINE more times.

I’ll never be that young again, but in the last 2 months I’ve rediscovered push-ups.

I’m doing sets of 20, a few times each day.

Combined with one meal per day, eating more veggies, 10,000 steps… I’m getting slimmer each week.

My goal by Christmas is to be able to drop and bang out 50 push-ups in one shot, no stopping!

Most 47 year old men can’t do that, but I don’t want to be like most guys.

I’m DONE with anything mediocre or half ass in my life. If something is broke I want to fix it, and if I can’t fix it I don’t want it in my life.

Health used to be WAY down on my list of priorities, and I aged faster because of that seemingly benign neglect.

No more.

If only 1% of the men my age can do 50 push-ups I want to be in that TOP 1%.

Same goes for my income, decency, character, FAITH, my relationships, basically everything in my life.

I’ll never be the BEST at everything, but I can get damn close.

As my health improves on the outside I’m also working on my soul, my outlook, and my Faith.

Ben Alexander

10 / 12 / 2021

I want to perform this ::

Take a listen here:

This is an baritone aria from Handel’s Messiah (aka the Hallalujah Chorus).

Such an amazing piece, and it really pops with a full orchestra.

Before my voice ages out I’d love to get a chance to sing this.

The complexity of it is a bit mindboggling.

October 12, 2021