An October morning on the Gulf.

(St, John’s pass, on the way out to the Gulf)

Some folks at Harvester Methodist arranged a 3 hour fishing trip yesterday on an 80 foot charter that we shared with a bunch of other random strangers.

I had to go, because…. adventure?

It was glassy calm ::

(Old Man and the Sea?)

I’m not an expert fisherman, but I caught this monster:

Look how high he’s flying!

He only looks small because I have giant hands?

Pastor Russ was there, had to take this pic:

(on the ride back in… John’s Pass)

Things are getting back to normal, and I’m grateful to go back to building friendships in my little church community and getting to know folks that we couldn’t hang out with during the pandemic.

A member of our church died from Covid19 last week, he had not gotten the vaccine for medical reasons… he was only 40 years old. My heart goes out to his wife and 5 year old son… hard to say what might have resulted if he had gotten the vaccine.

Maybe he’d still be alive.

I got both my vaccines back in April and started going back to church again.

Started singing in the choir again.

Funny thing is that I’m a leftwing progressive on many things (like science and solar and how I vote) but I’m also connected to a Higher Power in a way that I have trouble articulating sometimes.

My best friend Marcus is a right wing lunatic who is an avowed atheist!

Marcus is not allowed near any churches, by court order.

Perhaps all of these labels; right wing, left wing, atheist, Muslim, Hindu…. maybe none of that bullshit matters when we die.

There are mysteries of the universe that I don’t think we truly understand until we’re far past our last breath.

In my life, right now… I’m working on my health, my soul, and my connections to those around me.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!

October 17th 2021

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