Does it make you STRONGER?

When I traveled to Arizona back in September I had many moments when I just quietly sat and took in the view.

This pic is from the top of Snowball mountain, near Flagstaff.

These moments of contemplation gave me Peace, Perspective… in those moments I felt that much closer to God.

Lately I’ve been looking at ALL the facets of my life and asking a simple question: Does this make me stronger?

Not just in a physical way, but in my spirit.


Singing in church makes me stronger, so do my personal connections with the folks in my church.

Being around my parents and daughters makes me stronger.

Push-ups, walking 10,000 steps and coldwater swimming makes me stronger.

Talking through stuff with my friend Marcus makes me stronger.

Writing makes me stronger, because it grants me both clarity and catharsis.

Getting out of Flat Florida and hiking up a mountain makes me stronger.

Volunteering makes me stronger.

Being single and finding PEACE in being single… way stronger.

Even daily fasting makes me stronger, because I’m imposing discipline on my body.

Getting closer to a Higher Power makes me stronger, fer sure.


At the same time there are things that weaken us, and I’m guarding against these:

Drinking too much, and feeling crappy the next day.

Romantic entanglements that result in chaos. (Been there, done that… got the whole drawer full of t-shirts).

Eating too much, not exercising, not taking care of myself.


What makes YOU stronger?

WHO makes you stronger?

These are good questions to ask.

Ben Alexander

10 /21 /21

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