No Time to Die : Billie Eilish & Finneas

Billie Eilish wrote the new Bond Theme with her creative partner (and brother) Finneas.

They’ve both been playing music and recording together since they were little kids.

Finneas is in his early 20’s, Billie is only 19 now?

Billie gets 90% of the attention because she’s the singer up front while Finneas is playing the piano, singing back up harmony and producing her albums.

Fascinating how this level of talent struck twice in one family!

Prediction: Billie and Finneas are already global superstars, but they have an enduring talent that we’re gonna get to enjoy for many decades to come… think Lady Gaga, Prince, the Beatles, Eric Clapton, etc.

Billie and Finneas on Stern:


Ben Alexander

October 24th ::::::::::::: 2021

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