Of Anthills and Aliens ::::

Fun video:

I don’t agree with Joe Rogan most of the time, but he books fascinating guests.


Consider that Earth is an average size planet, and our sun an average size star.

Astronomers have already discovered over 10,000 earth sized planets orbiting over 10,000 “average size” stars across our galaxy (they do so by measuring the periodic luminosity of each star as planets transit the path of light from that star).

That’s just in our LOCAL Milky Way galaxy, and there are hundreds of thousands of galaxies far, far away from us.

Now, consider that any species able to cross interstellar space is much more advanced than us, in the same way that a human is that much MORE advanced than the common ant.

We can observe an ant, even study it, but ants are barely aware of us. Safe to say that there are millions of anthills around our planet, and 99.9999% of those ants will never encounter a human being.

An ant really lacks the capacity to even comprehend a human being, yet human scientists have written countless articles, books and doctoral dissertations about how ants live, communicate, eat, reproduce, etc.

Check out any book written by Harvard Biology professor E.O. Wilson. Fascinating stuff.

E. O. Wilson has a theory that the weight of all the ANTS on our planet is roughly equivalent to the weight of all 7.5 billion HUMANS. That’s a LOT of ants, on every continent excepting ANTarctica, ironically.

If that theory does not melt your mind a little bit you’re not bright enough to read my blog.

It is safe to say that scientists like E. O. Wilson who study common ants will only interact with a handful of anthills, leaving 99.9999% of anthills untouched.

Still with me?

Consider an advanced alien species that is curious about the universe. Perhaps they’ve come here (maybe a few hundred years ago) looked in on us, collected a few humans for study, realized we were just the “common ant” then moved on.

Maybe Human Beings are on the “check back in 500,000 years” list in some alien archive a trillion miles from Earth.

Maybe our entire civilization is a just a common anthill in the woods somewhere, nothing real special; we’re still pretty violent, still divided over dumb shit like politics, religion, gender issues, Dave Chapelle, etc.

Just like E.O. Wilson walking past a common anthill and realizing we’re boring…. this might be WHY we don’t see aliens on the South Lawn of the White House.

We’re not significant yet. We might detroy ourselves in the next 100 years, who knows?

Perhaps Homo Sapiens will need to integrate with artificial intelligence in order to become smarter, evolve further, and realize our full potential.

Then again, we watched a bunch of mouth breathing racists storm our Capitol on January 6th… and I wonder if maybe we’re not moving in the wrong direction!

Kinda fun to speculate about this stuff.

Have an awesome Tuesday!

Ben Alexander

10 / 26 :::::::::::::::: 2021

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