NDE’s and the truth ::

Most Sunday mornings you can find me singing in the choir at the local Methodist church, but I’m not going to claim that only Christians have the monopoly on the truth in regards to what happens after death.

Tens of thousands of humans have had Near Death Experiences (NDE’s) and many of those folks have been interviewed after.

I agree that some of these folks could be lying through their teeth, for various reasons, but my intuition tells me that MANY of these stories ring true. None of us will REALLY know the complete truth about eternity until AFTER we breathe our last breath.

I can also see how fundamentalist Christians might not like NDE stories because they don’t always reflect scripture.

If there is no hell nor Devil torturing sinners then organized religion loses much of its power and influence.

Actress Sharon Stone had an NDE:

Sharon Stone’s experience is very common to many other NDE accounts; the sense of love, wellbeing, that everything will be OK.

Watch some of the videos out there, especially if you are asking yourself the BIG questions.

Ben Alexander

October 30 ::::::::::::::::::: 2021

Florida Man!

I moved here in 2003… so I guess I’m in the “brotherhood”.

My Dad moved here with Mom a few years ago…. so he qualifies as well.

I’d like to personally nominate Tracy Morgan for Florida Man status.

When Tracy gets hit by that Amazon truck he can buy a house down here.

Not for nothing… but his take on Paula Deen is classic: