Elon Musk solves world hunger?

Watch the video first…

If the officials at the United Nations come up with a tangible plan I think Musk will pony up.

But… do they have a plan, or is the United Nations just blowing smoke for publicity?

Elon Musk is NOT about the money, he wants humanity to move forward in terms of green tech, rooftop solar, electric cars and helping humanity become a multi-planet species.

Musk started a non-profit called Open AI to fight back against advanced Artificial Intelligence falling into the wrong hands.

If Elon donates $6 billion to end world hunger that’s like a middle class person donating $500 to the church at Christmas.

BUT, he wants an actual PLAN, and the UN does not have a plan.

This guy lives in a tiny house, works 70 hours a week… and people are still pissed off at him.

Disclosure : Tampa Bay Solar sells the Tesla Powerwall II.

I have not sold my first Powerwall YET, but I’m sure I’ll sell hundreds in the next few years, no doubt.

But I liked Elon’s philosophy and thinking long before I could sell his product.

Hope y’all have a great day!

Ben Alexander

November 2 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 2021

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