Prosperity leads to a better climate ::

I agree with JP’s point in this video.

The early adopters of rooftop solar and electric cars tend to be financially successful consumers.

  1. You have to OWN the house to put solar on it.
  2. Most folks who have bought solar from me have a household income in excess of $120,000 per year.
  3. Most of my clients have a 4 year degree.
  4. When I’ve tried to sell solar to LESS successful people it was a total failure.

Long term thinkers with an ABOVE average IQ are buying solar and electric cars.

It was like this when I sold the Prius for Toyota 20 years ago. The early Prius buyers were high income engineers, college professors, software engineers, etc.

For contrast, look at the men who drive giant gas guzzling pick ups (on lift kits)… this is a common demographic here in Florida.

These men tend to be UNDEReducated, and their thinking is about emotion, not logic.

I don’t have to tell you how these guys vote, you already know. Just look for the banner flying 12 feet above the ground, mounted to a pole in the back of their truck… these are the same guys you see tailgaiting small cars on the highway.

I say “Guys” here because most women do not drive huge trucks on lift kits. They are more sensible about their money.

A redneck will spend $10,000 to lift his truck 8 inches higher, but he’ll never spend a dime on solar.

This is also the type of guy who lives in an apartment but spends $60,000 on his truck…

I can trash redneck men here on my blog because these men rarely READ anything, let alone a blog about solar tech.


I save far more money having solar on my roof and using that electricity to fule my car, about $350 per month LOWER energy costs between less spent in gasoline combined with electricity.

$350 per month = $4200 per year = $42,000 per decade

MINUS the $18,000 I spent on solar = $24,000 BACK in my pocket, tax free income.

Cost of my (used) 2017 Volt was $20,000, about the same as any used Toyota or Honda.

ALSO, the solar on my roof has increased the resale $$ value on my home.

More educated folks already know this.

Ben Alexander

11/12 ::::::::::::::: 2021

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