Doing stand up tonight…

Yep, I’ve been getting back on stage and failing at stand up again…

I suck at stand up, but each time I do it I get a tiny bit better.

This is something I was doing back in 2018, but then I got into a relationship, started spending time with Her and her family and stopped doing stand up.

That was a huge mistake, one that I won’t make again.

I’m single now, and I want to develop this skillset, whether I’m in a future relationship or not.

I’m also trying out for a musical with the Carollwood Players on December 12th.

Some of us need multiple creative outlets… doing comedy at open mic nights opens up a the whacked out part of my brain that is rarely used when selling solar or singing in the church choir.

But that’s great, because part of happiness is exercising all the parts of our mind and ability, and occasionally getting out of our comfort zones.

I’d like to develop a strong 10 minute set, it might take a year to do it.

Hell, it might take 10 years to do it!

As for singing in musicals? Why not?

All my bills are covered by my work at Tampa Bay Solar, I don’t have any family to take care on a daily basis so this is a great time to get out there, perform, fail often and just be creative in general.

I’ll be at an open mic tonight in St. Pete…. maybe I’ll see you out there!

Ben Alexander

December 2021

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