2022, the year to RENEW… NEW Beginnings!

Only in Florida do you see snowmen at the beach:

Later today I’m hanging out with my friend Marcus and several friends to have a “tasting” of different Latin dishes for a restaurant concept he’s thinking about launching.

Marcus took Goin’ Postal to 300+ locations, so if anyone has the resources and talent to build a chain of restaurants Marcus will probably make it happen.

Marcus is 50 years young, and he’s ready to build another Empire!

This got me thinking about new beginnings, the New Year, etc..


There are a bunch of boxes around my house filled with my daughter Claire’s stuff as she prepares to move out in a few days, just shy of her 24rth birthday.

This is a New Beginning for Claire, and I’m happy for her taking this step, even though I’ll miss seeing her everyday.


I’m trying out for a play on Sunday… if they cast me I’ll move into a whole new group with new friends, new experiences, etc.


In the solar biz I’m moving into more work with larger commercial installs… and this dovetails into car chargers, different roof types, and different rate structures… I’m coming up on my 5th year with Tampa Bay Solar, but most of that time was working on the simpler residential side of the industry.

Tampa Bay Solar has moved to a larger (NEW-ish) warehouse right on rte 60 / Adamo down in Brandon:

The new building gives us room to expand, and 10,000 cars drive by and see our name every single day!

The previous HQ was located in a low traffic industrial area with limited parking… the new building is twice as large, and we have enough parking for 100 installers and 30+ trucks.

That’s a hell of a new beginning!


I’ve been going out and doing stand-up comedy at open mic nights across Tampa Bay… and this stretches a dormant part of my brain in a way that nothing else does.


In my personal / dating life I feel very optimistic about things, I’m ready to let my past relationship fade into the rearview mirror, where it truly belongs!

2022, the year to RENEW, the year to try new things, make new friends, go new places, close some solar deals, fall in love, have new adventures, etc.


Let’s have a toast, to new beginnings!

Ben Alexander

December 10th :: 2021

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