O Holy Night

Singing O Holy Night for both Christmas Eve services at my church:

I won’t be as good as Josh Groban… but I’ll try.

YouTube is really great for working on any singing piece, you can listen to different artists and how they interpret different songs.

This song reminds me that I have to get my tree and lights up…

I was at the tryouts for Once Upon a Mattress until almost 10PM last night; there was singing, dancing, and line reading. I felt like a teenager again, trying out for the high school play. I’m still awful at any type of choreography.

An audition is kinda like dating, if I’m a good fit for a part they’ll call me back and I’m in, but if I’m not a good fit for any part in the show life goes on. There were 4 guys at the audition and about 20 women, of various ages. The other three guys had lotsa talent, and decent voices. There are several male singing roles in this show, so we’ll see if they call me back.

As a singer I tend to have more overall volume than most people, but my voice is lacking in beauty.

More of a trumpet than a violin?

More of a “National Anthem” singer rather than “beautiful love song” type of singer.

Recently, in singing with our little church choir I’ve been trying to blend in more, sing more softly, support the soloist, that type of thing.

For now I’m going to work on my Christmas Eve solo work, and try to make that more beautiful.

The end of the year is typically pretty quiet in the solar biz, so I’ve got oodles of free time!

Ben Alexander

December 13 :: 2021

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