The Winter Solstice, Ugh.

The only song that makes sense for today :::

Just imagine if this song was the “Please Hold” music for the Suicide Hotline…

December 21… the day with the least amount of daylight, if you live in the Northern Hemisphere.

About 55 degrees and rainy here in Tampa. Last night’s rain shorted out my outdoor Christmas lights, they won’t work again until things dry out later today…

At least I’m not up North anymore, that 40 degree cloudy / rainy / snowy weather for 4 months in a row SUCKS.

I’m OK with the fact that my car is NOT covered in snow, ever.

I put up some lights last week… and plugged in my nuclear powered snowman:

That has gotta be the brightest Christmas decoration I’ve ever seen. It lights up the clouds above my house… the FAA just called and told me they have to divert incoming flights..

That damn thing is brighter than a room full of Asian math scholars…

Resurrected Jesus would be outshined by my snowman.

Very appropriate for the darkest day of the year.

My Pop bought the Nuclear Snowman from a Chinese slave labor factory in Xinchiang a few years ago, and it was too bright when he put it up in his front yard, so he gave it to me. I have a much higher Extreme Christmas Light tolerance.

Nothing says Merry Christmas like decorations made by forced labor Muslim minorities in China.


Today is a great day to End It All, so if you are sitting at home loading your firearms and just feeling down get in your car and visit my Special Snowman, just remember, I’m not responsible for the light damage to your corneas.

Happy Solstice!

Ben Alexander

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