The problem with Crypto Currency:

I have a degree in quantitative economics and I’m still lost when it comes to crypto currency.

If you have an hour to kill watch this:

I’m wary of anything that takes hours to explain. Crypto currency is more complicated than the compensation structure for a mult-level marketing scheme.

For instance, if I describe what we do at Tampa Bay Solar; “We put solar panels on your roof, they generate electricity and lower your electric bill.”

I just explained my basic business in 15 words, in just one compound sentence.

You can ask some follow up questions, but those 15 words clearly communicate what we do.

The promoters of Bitcoin will try to convince you that their virtual currency will replace money backed by national governments like the US dollar, the Japanese Yen, etc.

I’m not buying it. Until Bitcoin can be explained in a way that everyone can understand it all crypto currency will be problematic at best, fraudulent at the worst.

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