Beautiful Things, Eternal Things.

This morning I find myself watching this video and listening to this lovely music:

I’ve been a fan of composer Ola Gjeilo’s choral and orchestral works for many years now, yet I still have NO CLUE how to pronounce his name!

Beautiful music, amazing scenery, truly loving someone… these are all connected at a level that escapes my narrow comprehension.

How we feel when we hold flower, when we laugh, when a child smiles at us?

When we tell someone special we love them.

These are all connected. We are all connected at a deeper level.

There is tremendous beauty in the small moments, in shared moments.

There is love, there is connection.

Love these 2 pics…

I hope you enjoy the music.

I’m singing in a funeral this morning, for a gentleman named Earl Heiden (he was 83 with many health complications)… Earl sang in the church choir with me before the pandemic and I grew to love him over the years…

Last time I saw Earl in church (before Christmas) I gave him a hug.

I might have even told him I loved him, darn it.

Perhaps Earl is with me, right now as I write these words.

Ben Alexander

January 22, 2022

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