Getting paid $5,000 to be a MONK

Please listen to as you read this post:

This blog is 15% funnier if you read it while listening to the monks…..

I have a batshit crazy friend… and he bet me $5,000 that I could NOT date or be with any (human) woman until July 5th of this year.

Beers were involved, blood was exchanged, and we had a witness… this shizz is 100% legit.

5 months of being a voluntarily celibate monk. Damn.

Sell solar? Lift weights at Crunch? Get better at stand up?

It might be a good thing, a reset if you will…

Of course, he limited this restriction to HUMAN women.

Dudes are fair game, robots are ok… donkeys in Tijuana? No problem.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Ben Alexander

January 29th : 2022