The $5,000 FILTER.

Last week I made a $5,000 bet with the always illustrious and creative Marcus Price in regards to me NOT dating anyone until July 5th of this year. No girlfriends, no lovers, a total drought.

No dates, a monkish existence, for 5 months.

In cogitating upon this premise (and agreeing to this INSANE wager) I realized that there is suddenly 5,000 reasons to be much more selective in whom I spend my time with.

If I want to be with someone BEFORE July 5th it will cost me $5,000!

Is she worth it?

Of course, I know some of you might ask, how will Marcus know if I stray off the reservation?

There exists an honor system between Marcus and I, and one component of this internal restraint is an element of character and honesty. We all need more of THAT.

Marcus also installed a camera in my bedroom.

Kidding, but I would NOT put that past him…….

But really, this $5,000 is one hell of a filter. I have to pay $5,000 to date someone, kiss someone, etc….

She really must be very special if I can’t wait until July 5th.

My other thought is this; perhaps I’ll develop a friendship with someone special and just HOLD OFF until July 5th. No harm in that, really. I’m allowed to hang out with friends, do cool stuff, work out, do comedy shows, act in a musical, sell Goin’ Postal franchises, close solar deals, go ax throwing, etc.

All social activities.

Maybe I’ll get some new ink?

New horizons, new adventures….

Ben Alexander

February 2022

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