Finding Joy in Solitude.

Listening to this piece as I write tonight:

I’m writing this in my home office on a Friday night at 10PM; the music is playing, the front window is open with a nice breeze flowing in… I can hear the crickets singing in my front yard.

It’s peaceful.

I grew up in family of six; 4 kids, 2 parents… got married and my daughter was born soon after, then her sister. There were always people around me, for the first 47 years of my life.

After my daughter moved out 2 months ago (and took the frickin’ CAT) I realized that this is the first time in 47 years I’ve lived totally and completely ALONE.

No family, no roomies. Zero pets, for now.

If I die in my sleep it will be several days before I’m found. If I ride out on my motorcycle and fly into a ditch (or a pond by the road) they won’t find me for WEEKS, if ever.

Could happen, right?

When my friend Marcus bet me $5K to stay date free / woman free until July 5th it felt like the craziest idea in the world… but after really cogitating on the idea I realized that Marcus is really teaching me how to be joyful in my solitude.

I’m not MISSING anything; I’m closing solar deals, hanging out with an eclectic group of friends and making many NEW friends in comedy, selling Goin’ Postal franchises, lifting weights, swimming, doing comedy, rehearsing for a musical, doing lotsa writing right here… even going to church on Sunday morning.

Since dating is NOT an option I’m working on my friendships.

I’m really lucky, really fortunate to live the life that I have.

I’m finding joy in my solitude, finally.

Thanks Marcus!

Ben Alexander

February 4 : 2022

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