Saturday Feb 19th : 2022

This pic is from the Gasparilla Night Parade in Ybor last Saturday… Marcus on the left, our buddy Skelton on the right….

It was a night, indeed.

I’m writing this early Saturday morning before I plunge into a cold pool for 10 laps of torture.

I have my lines recorded in my phone for a play that starts Match 11th…

Going to Harvester Methodist to sing THIS at an 11AM Funeral:

After the “Celebration of Life” I have 1PM and 3PM appointments to go see SOLAR clients.

These are both initial appointments, so I might close a deal or I might NOT. Sometimes I close the deal on the first visit, but more than likely they call me back a week later, 6 months later, even 3 years later.

After 5 years of selling 500+ solar deals I don’t even think about it anymore. I feel like I could sell solar tied upside down, drunk and heavily sedated by Bill Cosby. You do anything consistently for 5 years and you’ll reach a Jedi Master level of ease with it.

I LOVE selling solar, because it comes as naturally to me as writing these goofy blogs posts.

I’m actually LOOKING FORWARD to my 2 afternoon appointments, and this is one of the reasons I close more deals than the average solar guy.

(If I could get that skilled at comedy I’d be at Marc Normand’s level of fame. My -newbie comic- buddy Per Bjorn is going out and doing Open Mics constantly… and I respect his hustle!)

OK, so TONIGHT Marcus is lighting up a bonfire at his place… I’m bringing some burgers and stuff…

Beer will be involved, I might fall asleep on pool furniture tonight…

TOMORROW there is a Falcon launch 120 miles east over at Canaveral, so we’re loading up Marcus’s motorhome at 6AM and heading over…

Of course, there will probably be other shenanigans that might pop up today, but the general framework is laid out…

… and THIS is just a random Saturday of my life; some swimming, some crying, some sales bullshit, burgers, beer and friendship.

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