48 years, dammit.

This is me, now.

All that mileage on the tires is really starting to show… my chassis was stamped in 1974…..

Got three solar appointments today, 2nd appointment is out in Highlands County FL…. way out in the boonies. Most folks take off on their birthday, but I like selling solar and fer sure I’m closing at least one deal today, making a few shekels.

I like to work. Being productive makes me happy.

Mom and Dad are having me over for dinner, and I’m fasting all day, so dinner will be awesome… my brother George (newly retired from the federal government) will be there, along with his son, a track star down at University of Tampa.

I’m proud of my brother, for his successful career… and also for the fact that he raised a son who is an accomplished athlete, great student, and all around nice young man.

If I had a son I would have wanted him to turn out like my nephew.

God forbid if I had a son and he was a maniac like me…. oy!


A week ago I was watching some news about the Ukraine invasion… so I bought a round trip ticket to Warsaw and decided to volunteer with the International Red Cross.

Still working out the details on this trip, but the first step was to just take action and buy the ticket.

My daughters are grown up, I got no pets, no wife… and the Navy SEAL who runs Tampa Bay Solar, Steve Rutherford, has given me his blessing.

When I told him about the trip he said “You’ll have plenty of work when you get back.”

That’s all I needed to hear.

My daughters are mad at me for putting myself in danger, so I have to get back home safe to them, and I will.

Perhaps they don’t understand that I need to do this, on many levels.

I can’t imagine staying home, just selling solar, knowing that I could have gone over and contributed, in some way.

I’ll write about the experience, of course.

Got a brand new Samsung phone that takes stellar pics, so there’s that.

Back in 2018 I bought a cheap phone with a crappy camera… this new phone is a huge leap in technology, the camera is just astounding.

I’m finally slogging through my third book, the Ukraine / Poland trip might just be a chapter in the book… or it might be an entire book on its own. Like the first 2 books I’ll self publish. I just got a royalty check from Amazon for $13!

I have no idea who is buying my first 2 books.

That’s my Claire on the cover of my first book, she was 14 at the time… the little girl is the daughter of the local photographer who took the pic.

Sometimes you have to go where you feel called.

In 1995 I booked a one way plane ticket to Taiwan and everyone in my life thought I was nutz, but I came back in one piece… and Claire and Grace would NOT have existed if I had not gone there, met Rachel, etc. etc.

God has a plan here, I have no idea where this will lead.

I hope y’all have an awesome day!

Ben Alexander

March : 2022

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