The Violinist from Bucha.

During my time in Lviv I saw this violinist performing in the city square, several times.

He’s very skilled, he would perform many hours, getting tips from me and hundreds of others.

One morning I struck up a conversation with him, he told me he escaped Bucha with his family just before the Russians rolled into town. I asked him if I could take this close up picture.

He told me several friends (his age) had been murdered by the Russians invading his hometown.

Then he picked up his violin, and played beautiful music.

He narrowly escaped a sure death, but many did not.

As a country, as a planet, we have to put safeguards in place so that murderous dictators think twice before targeting civilians.

I look at this young man’s face and I’m crying for all the young men and women who did NOT escape.

Ben Alexander

May 1, 2022