My last V-6 engine.

Don’t worry, I still have the Volt:

I had been thinking about buying a “weekend” car for the last few months, and I was looking at full electric cars… but they were all priced over $40,000, so I bought a used Acura TLX for just under $20K.

We needed another vehicle for the Ukranian Delegation, another factor in my decision.

For high mileage days I’m still using the Volt, but otherwise the Volt is there so Olga can have a car and do her own thing as needed. She works in the shipping business part time from home on her laptop for now, but that may change once her work visa goes through.

Before I bought my Volt back in 2017 I owned a Avalon with a V-6 and loved it.

The TLX has a 3.5 liter V6 that cranks 290 horsepower, and the car is tight, right and solid at 130 mph. I feel like the Japanese carmakers have really perfected the modern V6. My Acura does 100 mph at only 2100 rpm! That’s just crazy… but electric cars are going to take over in the next decade and a gas powered V6 engine will become antiquated technology.

Funny thing is how the acceleration in the Acura with the V6 is about the same as the Volt on all electric mode, but the Volt has a smoother delivery. My Volt is SMOOTHER than my Acura!

Even the best gas powered transmission is not as smooth as an electric powertrain.

By the time I need another car I’ll find a 100% electric car on the used market that is finally affordable.

Right now I can’t justify spending $40K on something with wheels. I’m cheap.

For under $20K the Acura was a good buy:

The previous owner really kept it clean and unmolested. I’ve changed nothing on it, windows were already dark tinted when I bought it. The car was bought in Florida in 2015, so there are no salt / rust issues underneath.

Acura is a Honda engineered product and I’m a huge fan of their motorcycles, I owned a CB1000r for several years:

I wish I had kept this bike longer… but I traded up to a ZX-14R… another blog post altogether!

From 1996 until 2015 I owned a 1978 Honda that refused to die:

If everything was engineered like Honda / Acura there would be far less work for auto mechanics everywhere. Fer sure.

Have a great July y’all!

July 2022

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