Doing the full Brooksville.

I was in Brooksville this morning, recording radio ads for a Tampa Bay Solar commercial at 99.9 WWJB on the FM dial. They also interviewed me on the morning radio show, I talked with the host about my Ukraine trip back in April and my work with Tampa Bay Solar.

And you can’t visit Brooksville without getting breakfast here:

Already got a call in from a guy up in that area who heard my radio interview this morning!

Five years ago when I joined Tampa Bay Solar I was primarily selling to left leaning folks who had a Prius in the driveway. Those folks are still buying solar, and we love ’em for it… but in the last year or so I’ve been selling to more right wing, gun owning, Christian folks.

Hence my trip to WWJB, the Fox News Radio affiliate in Hernando county.

Over the next month I’m spending $1,000 (of my own money) on radio ads to find the GOP voting, land owning, freedom loving folks who want a huge solar array powering up a battery bank… in case the Chinese shut down the power grid…

I call these the “Zombie Apocalypse” systems.

Since I’m a gun owning, freedom loving Christian… I’m a good fit to sell to this demographic.

Gotta love the classic design of the 1911…. but I digress.

I think solar is good for the wallet no matter what you think about climate change.

Why pay the electric company $40,000 over the next decade when you can generate that much power with a ground array, or up on the roof of your barn?

If we get results from this ad campaign I’ll stretch it out for the next year or so.

Just one sale per month would cover the cost of the ads.

Yeehaw y’all!

August 18, 2022

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