The Beginning of the END for Putin.

Interesting news clip:

Russian television personalities are criticizing the war in Ukraine, openly, on national TV.

In a regime that jails dissidents who protest and speak out… this is clear evidence that citizens in Russia are starting to get fed up with Putin’s leadership.

My perspective on the Russian invasion in Ukraine is personal… I was in Lviv, Ukraine this past April as missiles were being fired at that city. I saw the refugees at the border, the fear on the faces of women and children who had lost their homes and loved one.

This entire conflict is one gargantuan war crime.

As the Ukrainian armed forces push the Russians out of eastern Ukraine there is more resistance to Putin’s war in his own country… especially as tens of thousands of Russian soldiers die needlessly in a conflict that never should have started.

I hope and pray that Putin is removed quickly, hopefully with a bullet to the head… and that a successor with some semblance of reason takes his place.

Only time will tell.

Ben Alexander

September 14, 2022

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